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Dear finders of our music. 

You've pressed the support section of our website and therefore we are happy to share with you a few different ways that you can support us. 

To the right you have Maria. She is one of our dearest fans. She met Louis as he was playing his weekly gig on the streets at Leidseplein in Amsterdam. She was deeply moved, bought a street CD and since they've shared songs and stories at many a concerts around The Netherlands. Besides supporting us with coming to our gigs, buying our music and allowing us into her personal live, she is also supporting us with a monthly donation via our Patreon site.  We have 10 more patreons who is during that, and the backdoor to more behind the scenes content, special editions and newsletters, is always open for new members. 

Underneath this section, you'll also find our old-school tip jar where you can donate your chosen amount via Paypal. 

All the best, 

Louis, Ivo & Joost